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Ladyboy Anny - Smoking, Pissing & 2x Cumshots

Needless to say from the description this bareback episode has a some of everything! Ally is so horny she pops twice. Once while being fuck, she shoots a glorious ropey load of jizz straight up. The after getting her mouth filled with cum she jerks off all over herself. This cumshot is a hot close-up, and you can practically taste her sperm as it exits her piss-slit. Ally starts off with a cigarette, wearing the jeans she showed up in. She slowly inhales the smoke and relaxes. Ally's lips circle the filter and enjoys each puff. She stamps out the cig and goes into the bathroom to change. Ally has to tinkle and lets out a healthy stream of golden piss in the toilet. With a few shakes she gets the last drops out and changes into her fuck outfit. Ally dresses up in a colorful polkadot top and no panties. For an added bit of kink she uses pink tape on her wrists, thighs and ankles. Ally is so turned on she's immediately rubbing the POV guys cock against hers. Both dicks are oiled and dance together between Ally's slender fingers. She quickly sucks on the dick but really wants that bare cock plunged deep. Ally shows off her puckered asshole and plays with her titties, awaiting penetration. Ally is fully erect as the bareback cock slides all the way inside her snug back-pussy. She LOVES being fucked, and it doesn't take her long to shoot her first load. It's thick and stringy, launching straight up and painting the POV guys shirt. Ally is still horny and hard, and takes a moment to cool down by giving an erotic edging handjob. She jerks the guys shaft and plays with his asshole yearning for his load. Ally can't help herself and starts to furiously jerk off again. Her eyes are fixated on the hard cock in front of her and she lays back on the bed wanting the cum in her mouth. Ally licks her lips and opens her mouth. She loves seedy action like this. The excitement turns her on and as the cum launches in her mouth it makes Ally climax again. She spurts all over herself shown off in an extreme close-up. Incredible raw and raunchy Ladyboy barebacking action. Sex with Ally is as good as it gets in the Ladyboy world, or any world for that matter.